How To Make Money With Wire Jewelry?

Finally, an Easy to Follow Step-By-Step Roadmap to  Make Money Making Simple Wire Name Jewelry. No Matter Your Previous Experience



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How to Make Money at Craft Markets, Shows and Events with a Unique Skill

Information about product:

Heres a quick preview of what you will have at your fingertips..

- Starter Tools, and Tools to use for the Professional (Pages 6 - 10)
- Different types of Wire you can use and Stiffness of wires (Pages 10 - 12)
- How to grip and position the P liers (Pages 12 - 14)
- Commonly used W ire Bends and Loops in letters ( Pages 16 - 24 )
- How to make All Capital letters A to Z with full diagrams and instructions (Pages 26 - 74)
- How to make All Lower Case letters a to z with full diagrams and instructions (Pages 76 - 125)
- How to E mbellish your name with a heart symbol (Page 127)
- Step-by-step instructions on how to make a Name Pendant (Page 130)
- Step-by-step instructions on how to make a Name Pin (Page 135)
- How to make S pecial Combinations of letters (Pages 138 - 142)
- Stall / Booth setup (Pages 145 - 147)
- Selling your Names (Pages 148 - 149)
- How to make the Numbers 0 - 9 in wire (Pages 150 - 160)
- Appendix - Suppliers (Pages 161 - 162)

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Section #1 contains illustrations of all the techniques.
The Right Way to Open a Loop or Jump Ring: The Push-Pull Technique
Closing Jump Rings
Conditioning Jump Rings
The Wiggle Technique For Jump Rings
Technique: How to make a Simple loop
Technique: How to Make a Wrapped Loop
Technique: The Perfect Coil
Handcutting method of Making Jump Rings
Advanced Jump Ring Cutting Techniques
Sawcutting Method #1:
Sawcutting Method #2:

Section #2 Is filled with tips, tricks and techniques to take your jewelry making to the next level
Wire Cutting Tips&
Filing and Smoothing Tips
Gauge Tips
Hammering and Hardening Tips
Tips to Avoid Kinking
Tips for Perfect loops:
Tips for Shaping Wire
Tips for Straightening Wire
Tool Tips
Wire Wrapping tips: How to Start a New Length of Wire
Wire Wrapping tips: How to Hide Wire Ends
Miscellaneous tips

"Section #3 Troubleshooting Your Wire Problems"
Easily solve your most frustrating problems
Troubleshooting Jump Ring Problems
Troubleshooting Homemade Jump Rings
Troubleshooting Your Simple Loops
Troubleshooting Wire Wrapping
Troubleshooting Other Wire Problems

"Section #4 : Frequently Asked Questions "
Discover the answers to real questions from real people like you.
These questions are compiled from coaching sessions from previous customers.
Overview of question topics:
Flush cutters to cut jump rings.
What kind of saw to buy to cut wire.
Do the ends of the jump rings have to be positioned just that fraction of an inch past each other?
Jump ring opening tools.
Closed jump rings.
Jumpring shopping tips.

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#3 - How To Make Fork Bracelets?

Information about product:

You'll learn everything you need to know!

What Forks To Use
Knowing what forks to use is very important. Some forks bend much easier than others and are ideal for fork bracelets. Learn which types are the best.

Having the right tools is crucial if you want to turn out stunning products. Learn what the pros use for getting that perfect bracelet every time!

Preparing The Fork
Preparing the fork the proper way will make sure that your bracelet has that glimmering, polished look in the end. Maryann goes over her technique for preparing the fork the right way.

Bending The Fork
You can fumble around for months trying to figure this part out, or you can let Maryann show you how it's done. Years of experience speak to you to give you the training you need to bend like a pro!

Inserting The Stone
Finding The Perfect Stone
Finding the perfect stone or jewel to put into your bracelet is an art in itself. Learn how to get the perfect match between fork and jewel to make them combine into a complete, stunning piece of jewelry!

Making A Necklace
Learn how to make matching necklaces too!

Price: $29.95


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